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Thanks-But No Thanks

October 16, 2011 by justin


"The Inside About The Outside"

by Barry A. Ganzhorn Sr.


"Thanks-But No Thanks"


"Howdy Folks",

      Ever since Sandy and Floyd Manley have taken over the position as chief flower folks at the Mackay Wildlife's Thomas Over look,I have recieved a multitude of comments as to the beauty that they have created.Their volunteer work is beyond anything that I ever dreamed that would adorn the Overlook.They spend countless hours getting things just the way they want them to be.They will not settle for second best.I leave this special place to their expertise.

     I recieve a few calls every year from folks that have excess flowers of different varieties whom would like to donate to the Park.I really do appreciate the offer but I have to refuse the offers.Most of the offers are flowers that do not exist in the Park.

     The Mackay Park (trail side) is a place that is made up of cold,hard,unfriendly bushes,trees and plants.Top soil is not a thing of quantity,a lot of bed rock exist.A lot of thorn brush and hardwoods are the normal.Water does not stay in the ground for any length of time.Because of the hardwood tree canopy,the sun hardly gets to the floor of the Park.The temperature in the Park is about 15 degrees cooler than out side of the Park,thus not enough warmth to support flowering plants.These reasons are why there are no flowering plants in the park.I would not want to plant something that would not florish.

   We are always looking for flower plants to plant at The St,Columbas cemetery.So many grave stones go without any plants. What a great place to put them.If you are interested in doing so,please e-mail me at and I will get together with you.

   Untill next time---

              " God Bless"      Barry

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