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Caledonia Cub Den #27

December 8, 2011 by justin

The Inside About The Outside

by Barry A. Ganzhorn Sr.

Howdy Folks

I recieved an e-mail from Cub Scout den mother Sue Wood last week asking if I had anything that Caledonia Cub Scout Den #27 could do to get credit towards their Conservation Pin. It would have to be in the Environmental Field. I told her that I had a two-fold project that I thought that would help them get their pin.

First step of the project would to have the Cubs rake the Mackay Trail free of leaves.There are three reasons to do this. First, there are a lot of eatable nuts under the leaves and it is hard for the animals to find them. Secondly, a stranger coming into the park for the first time could loose the trail because of the leaves making the park look all the same. Thirdly, wet leaves on the trail create a very slippery hazzard for walking.

Raking leaves off of the trail is something that has to be done every fall after all leaves have fallen. There is about 1 1/4 miles of trail and the Cub Scouts offer was very welcome.

The second step will be to hang suet blocks all over the Mackay Wildlife Preserve. This will be something special for the animals to feed on this coming winter.

I need to thank Den Mother Sue Woods, Cub Mothers Tabatha Vogt and Denise Ormond, Cub uncle Jim Wood, Cub cousins Mike and Aaron Wood and the following Den 27 Cubs, Garrison Vogt, Max Vogt, Evan Maniscalco, Adam Howard, Max Simms and Matt Keller for all their help and effort in keeping The Mackay Wildlife Preserve a wonderful place to visit.

Good luck with your Conservation Pin award.

God Bless------Barry--

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