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Our World

January 24, 2012 by justin


"The Inside About The Outside"

by Barry A. Ganzhorn Sr.


"Our World"

(and how we abuse it)

 "Howdy Folks"

      I was born the only son to parents that were trying to do the best they could with what they could get from the world that they lived in. We lived in a small home inside a small housing project that was about 3 miles down stream from the chemical capitol of the world, Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New York.

      As I grew older, about 7yrs of age, I became interested in the out-of-doors. I wanted to find out about all of it's wonders and secrets that it held. I loved the wilderness of the world that was waiting to be discovered. I was fascinated with the fact that I could walk in the woods and eat all of the wild fruit that grew on the wild trees. It  was not unusal to see all kinds of wildlife and lots of it. We had a creek that came from the upper Niagara River and ran through our neighborhood on it's way to Lake Ontario. This creek was always full of fish for the taking. I thanked God for giving me a chance to enjoy all of this.

    As I became a teenager, I didn't spend as much time in the woods as before. When I did go into the woods I noticed that things were starting to change. The fruit trees were bare. Less animals to see, the fish in the creek were of poor quality. The quality of water was poor with a trace of oil on the surface. All were being effected from those chemical plants and garbage dumps that were upstream from my wonderful neighborhood.

      Someone got the idea to harness the Lower Niagara River for a source of electrical power. This became knowen as The Niagara Power Project. This was a great engineering project. The project was and still is a great success. I wonder who made all the dollars because of this idea? The side effects were drastic. The noise could be heard 5 miles away. The dust that was created flew 2-3 miles away, worst of all, all private water wells for 5-10 miles away went dry. That is a lot of people without free water. The next bright idea was to bring out to these folks, the water that Niagara Falls was using. Now mind you this was the water that came from the Upper Niagara River, just downstream from those chemical plants in Buffalo. No more free water. Wonder who made all the dollars because this idea?

  So here we are, chemical water to drink, dumps piling up garbage on vacant land, that would later be sold cheap and, chemical plants discharging waste into the night air. All coming down stream to a lot of folks.

  Do the words "LOVE CANAL" mean anything to you? It does and did to hundreds that had to leave their homes that were built on garbage and chemical dumps. A school was also built and had to be torn down due to the unsafe land. Chemicals were coming up out of the ground everywere. The only thing that grew here was vegtable gardens. Wonder who made all the dollars because of this idea? If one were to talk to those that lived there, that are now watching their family members die from all forms of cancer and sickness, the stories would not be pretty.

   After 2 of my 4 children were born and became ill, my wife was told by our doctor  that if we were going to have anymore children and for the health of the first 2, we should consider finding a better place to live. This we did.

   We looked for and found, in Caledonia, a place of fresh air, clean water and health for our family. Caledonia has a great population of people that want a place to raise a family and not worry about health problems. I saw this when a few people , from out of town, wanted to put a fertilizer plant in up stream from Caledonia. This did happen but not without restrictions from the Caledonia people. Then these same out-of-towners wanted to put in an ethenol production plant on the same site. They made it look like Caledonia was going to prosper with tax dollars from this project. Thanks to the public outcry and pressure on some folks, this project was stopped.

   By now, you probably have figured where this story is going. As a person that has been involved and effected by those that want to fatten their wallets by destroying our earth, I am against the thought of Hydrofracking Livingston County. There are environmental dangers to this process. If you want out-of-towners destroying your land, let it happen.

   Hydrofracking is a good procedure, but the unknowens are even higher. Lets find out what will happen if this project goes forward. The past has to be considered before you let the future in the door. Also---I wonder who will make all the dollars because of this idea????

   One last unknowen. Our neighbors West of us in Leroy, are going through an awfull time with the sickness that some of their children are going through. I can't help but think that somehow -somewhere this is an environmental problem. If it is, it is man made. If I can be proven wrong please do so. My prayers are with those children.

   God Bless--Barry--


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